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  • Brand: Arospeed
  • AROSPEED Fuel Pressure Regulator with Oil Meter, Fuel Horse & Adapter
  • Single layers NASA Grade 0.4mm Diaphragm handle high pressure
  • 100% tested every piece before shipping ensure NO LEAK!
  • Available 2 different pressure range for NA and Turbo Engines
  • Metallic gauges with clear reading easy to adjust pressure
  • Brand: Arospeed
  • Made from Billet Aluminium, TIG weld, polished, with billet aluminium CNC machined fittings.
  • Improves power steering performance and feedback reduces reservoir bubbles resulting in less oxidation from fluid and water build up.
  • Provides consistent power steering fluid press reduces chances of leakage and pressure from high stress driving such as drifting, autocross, road and track racing.
  • Stable steering under hard driving conditions such as high temperature, high RPM and high loads.
  • Special tank cap that discharges only vapors, gas generated due to cavitation, avoid oil loss and fluid gushes.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Universal Fitment.
  • Brand: Arospeed
  • Arospeed Bubble Removal Tank
  • To 100% remove the bubble before the after-cooling water going into the engine.
  • Beautifully finished in high grade aluminium
  • Light weight
  • Comes with 1 radiator joint, hoses and clips.
  • High pressure radiator cap and mounting accessories included.
  • Brand: Arospeed
  • Reduce Engine Power Loss To The Driven Train
  • Ensure More Responsive Engine Performance
  • Provide Extra Controllability During Hard Launch
  • Reduce Transmission Power Loss
  • Perfect Choice For Drifting And Time Attack Vehicle  
  • Brand: Arospeed
  • Improve air-fuel ratio for better combustion
  • Increase Horse Power
  • Made from precise CNC bending machine to ensure perfect fitment
  • Anti-Heat material coated to prevent heat from engine
  • Great for Engine dress up
  • Brand: Arospeed
  • Better torque, and fuel economy
  • Super lightweight
  • Made from T6061 aluminum
  • Diamond Coated to increase hardness
  • Reduced engine load allow more power transfer to transmission