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GAB Big 6 Pot Caliper Advance Brake System 355mm

- Original product by GAB
- GAB forged caliper
- 355mm disc rotor to reduce the suspended weight and dissipate heat quickly
- Plug and play
- Come with set :
` GAB big 6 pot forged caliper (red / yellow)   
` GAB disc rotor
` GAB stainless steel braided brake line / beake hose
` GAB big 6 pot  brake pad
` GAB caliper bracket 



GAB HE Series (Genuine products & premium quality by GAB Suspension)

 -Twintube design
- Two way independent ride height adjustment / high low body shift
- Equipped with AVCS Auto Valve Control Stability technology
- Maximum height adjustment without compromise ride damping force & eliminate sound
- Superb handling, stability & maximum grip
- Extremely stable damping force even after long period of nonstop driving hours
- Able to withstand extreme road condition & long lasting life span

  • Designed to be used with OEM or OEM replacement shocks.
  • Improve handling performance
  • Designed to optimize the balance between performance and comfort
  • Lowered centre of gravity
  • Less body roll
  • Advance technology cold formin