Works Engineering
Works Engineering
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  • Brand: Works Engineering
  • Increases Engines power from 10% to 35%
  • Made from High Quality Aluminium material
  • Improves and Prolong spark plug & engines lifespan.
  • Improves torque & engine performance.
  • Smother running engine and gear shifting, by promoting better combustion.

- Blue color
- Direct-fit and universal options
- Aluminum material, lightweight and durable
- Catch the oil and moisture in the blow-by gas that causes carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and the engine
- Filters oil particles from the PCV/CCV systems
- Keeps the engine clean
- Increases horsepower
- Prolongs car's engine life
- Defends intercooler & intake from blow-by
- Baffled / internally filtered options for increased protection