RM399.00 - RM599.00
Eva High Quality Coil Spring Buffer (Price for 1 set @ 2 pcs) (Kiri + Kanan)
Price RM399.00 - RM599.00
Brand Eva
Size (L x W x H) 35 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm
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-  using malaysia rubber (100%)

- the best and the fresher rubber

- various size provided , totally fit to every car , max effect

- very flexible , can restore to original shape within 1 tan

- very strong , can use up to many years

- 3 years warranty provided

What is coil spring  buffer?

Coil spring buffer also can be called as Car Buffer Bumper Cushion or Coil Spring Cushion Buffer — names for one unit of the vehicle. It is a shock-absorbing gasket installed between the turns of the suspension shock absorbers. Cushion Buffer is a new product in the automotive market.




Do your car has issues as below?


- Car body roll when taking corner

- Super bumpy and car floating when driving

- Car always knock bottom when going through bumps

- Not feeling safe when taking corners or driving high speed

- Very bad car handling


With EVA Coil Spring Buffer, we are build and designed to fight this problem for your car


- Comfortable drive (Less Bumpy & Shaky)

- Better control of steering maneuver (More Solid)

- Definite Improved Handling

- Anti Pothole & Speedbump (Less Impact)

- More stable cornering on Highway/Small roads

- No more "Floating" feeling while driving high speed

- Less body roll (Especially for bigger cars!)


How to install the coil spring buffer?


  1. Spray lubricant, silicone or WD40 onto the coil spring makes the surface of the coil spring more smooth to easily install.
  2. Gently rotate until the grooves of the cushion align with the spring steps and the buffer is now in the center of the spring roll.
  3. Make sure that the grooves of the buffer align with the coil spring. After checking, use drawstring to fix it.
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